• Still two dimensional, but extremely agile. In the first step of the development phase sketches are created that already feature distinctive elements. The design and aesthetics are reflected in a first draft, which is waiting for your input to become ever more tangible with each step in the process.
    As soon as the shapes are defined the specific dimensions of the product are processed and materials are defined. An exquisite selection of materials, such as stainless steel, titan, aluminium, polycarbonate, carbon, ceramic or even silver and gold are available to give your product an outstanding and unique appearance.

    The range is completed with enhancements such as fine leather, silicone, natural rubber and gems.
    The next phase of the development process is the selection of components such as glass, lunettes, deadeners, body, wristband, closures, clock face and indicators.

    In addition, you can now choose which kinds of refinements there will be from etching, engraving, ion plating, galvanising or anodisation. All of which can make the watch even more interesting and exclusive.
    The development phase is concluded once you are absolutely satisfied with the results and the newly created product meets, if not exceeds, your expectations. GBRANDED then starts a fast and reliable production process, offering various solutions concerning the logistics of your watches.
    A watch is more than a timekeeper and basic commodity. It is used in many different ways, from a pretty accessory to a status symbol by every possible kind of target group.

    The perfect brand ambassador:
    Reliable, durable, resistant to fashion trends and a constant companion.

    Along with your input and long-term experience in your market, GBRANDED develops a unique watch in four phases that truly represents your brand in every single detail.
  • “Tangible” from the first glance. Even the initial sketches of GBRANDED’s product designers provide a realistic image of the final product.
    In the wireframe phase you define both the materials used by GBRANDED and all other details to help make your accessories unique.

    The exquisite selection of materials includes stainless steel, titan, aluminium, polycarbonate, carbon, ceramic and even silver and gold are available to give your product an outstanding appearance.
    In the next phase of the development process, you help define which kinds of refinements there will be, from etching, engraving, ion plating, galvanising or anodisation to make your watch even more interesting and exclusive.
    The development phase is concluded once you are absolutely satisfied with the results and the newly created product meets, if not exceeds, your expectations. GBRANDED then starts a fast and reliable production process, offering various solutions concerning the logistics of your accessories.
    Simply, beautiful and great ambassadors for your brand. GBRANDED provides accessories that are tactually, visually and functionally extraordinary. Designed to the exact specifications of your target group, these products are an ideal way to deliver your brands message.
  • The development starts with a pen and a piece of paper. The outcome is pure art. A first sketch of what is to ultimately become a garment fully representing your brand. Many ideas influence the sketches of GBRANDED designers.
    In the next step the hand drawn sketches are digitised and colours, dimensions and the placement of logos are defined. Prior to production all technical data is checked to avoid any mistakes and misunderstandings.
    At the end of the development process GBRANDED produces a final sample of the product.
    Textiles that perfectly meet your requirements. The GBRANDED portfolio includes everything from quick, standardised solutions (refining of existing textiles) to new, complex and unique clothing creations.
  • PP Des&Dev PROD Log as
    Many steps. One goal. One partner.

    GBRANDED offers a complete portfolio that covers everything needed to ensure the quality of the product throughout the whole process of its creation and distribution to meet your high expectations. Starting with project planning, design and development to production, quality management and logistics.
  • You want customers that are enthusiasts for your brand. GBRANDED can help. That’s why our close and confiding partnership starts with an analysis of your marketing strategy and the philosophy of your brand.

    With your input, GBRANDED defines a goal, a timeline, a target group and a cost frame for the project. Based on this structure, further processes including commissioning, distribution, warehousing and after sales services are discussed.
  • Combining good looks and functionality defines good design. To answer this challenge is what GBRANDED’s designers strive for every day with dedication and passion. They create products to elate you and your customers while reflecting the high standards of your brand in every detail.
  • Motivated and skilled international teams, combined with cutting edge equipment make sure that production at the GBRANDED facilities in Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan, China and Turkey is not only fast but meets highest quality standards. Quality is not only an important issue for GBRANDED in the production process but also concerning the selection of materials.
  • GBRANDED stores your merchandise with care and offers modern warehouse management services, so you always have detailed knowledge about your stock and the movement of goods. GBRANDED also manages packaging, consignment and shipping of the merchandise. Just-in-time or partial delivery is part of the portfolio as well as online shop solutions.
  • GBRANDED services continue even after the shipping process. A reliable after sales service makes sure that your customers are always attended quickly, to their satisfaction and with fast and comprehensive answers to any questions or claims that they might have.
  • Individuality
  • Speed
  • Price
  • MOQ


  • Create a unique product with GBRANDED. A product that represents your brand in detail.

    Starting at the philosophy of and the marketing strategy for your brand, we create something new and unique in many accurate, yet lavish, process steps. A product that competes at the highest levels in terms of quality, design and exclusiveness.


  • If you need special merchandise but you have a short timeline, or the quantity is too small for a customised solution, you can select from a broad range of proposals in the GBRANDED show room. The proposed products can be adjusted to meet your requirements in terms of patterns, colours or refinements.

On Stock

  • If you need merchandise quickly or prefer a low price solution, GBRANDED can help with a range of products from over one hundred well known suppliers, which are always on stock and can immediately become your brand ambassadors by printing or embroidering your logo onto them.
Gerhard Geisreiter
…is CEO of GBRANDED with an impressive experience of almost thirty years in the industry. Among other things he is Co-founder of Fossil Europe GmbH and had great impact on the development of the brands collection and the overall success story of “Fossil”. He also led the wristwatch brand “Festina” to a high position in the market.
Raphael Geisreiter
…has worked with GBRANDED since 2008. Previously he managed merchandise collections and distribution solutions for international brands as a project manager in the Paperrain Group. Not only is he specialised in consulting and project management, he also takes a stake in the creation and development of the collections. He is also a knowledgeable contact person in after sales services.


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The company g branded GmbH
(Hereinafter called “GBRANDED”)
For use to:
1. Entrepreneurs
2. Legal persons under public law and public law funds

I. Scope

1. The following general conditions apply to all contracts, deliveries and other services, including consultancy services, provided they are not altered or excluded without the express written consent of GBRANDED.
2. Terms and conditions of the customer are also not part of the contract, if GBRANDED will not contradict them. Deviations from these general terms and conditions apply, therefore, only if GBRANDED expressly approves them in writing.

II. Offer

1. The documents belonging to the offer documents and information, such as illustrations, drawings or information about weight, dimensions, performance, fuel consumption and usability are approximate only in the context of normal commercial tolerances, unless they are expressly designated as binding in writing. They are no quality or durability warranty whatsoever.
2. The range of GBRANDED is subject to self-supply.

III. Scope and quality of the delivery

1. The scope of delivery of the written confirmation of GBRANDED shall prevail. If there is no confirmation of GBRANDED, the scope of delivery of the offer of GBRANDED shall prevail. Collateral agreements and changes require the confirmation of GBRANDED in writing.
2. A condition of the subject matter shall be considered agreed if GBRANDED confirms this in writing.

IV. Price and payment

1. Unless otherwise agreed, prices are valid from GBRANDED warehouse. Costs for transport packaging, loading and shipment from each warehouse of GBRANDED are borne by the customers and can be calculated separately.
2. GBRANDED is entitled to increase the prices of purchased items by a supplier from the pound or dollar-based economy (e.g. GB, USA), if the Euro is devalued by more than 10% against those currencies between contracting and delivery. The purchase price shall be increased by percentage considering the ratio of exchange rates at the contract conclusion and at delivery.
3. All prices are without cash or other discount, plus the applicable VAT at the day of the delivery or performance. For delivery of duty:
- Unpaid goods collected by customs duties and fees are the responsibility of the customer.
4. The purchase price and charges for ancillary services are payable to GBRANDED unless otherwise expressly agreed without any discount, namely:
- In the case of the pickup with the delivery of the purchased item, and - in the case of dispatch with delivery of the purchased item to the shipper or carrier.
5. All payments must be made to accounts of GBRANDED. Seller or sales agents of GBRANDED do not collect.
6. If the customer fails to pay all or partially defaults or checks are not honoured on presentation, GBRANDED can provide the entire debt from the business relationship with a notice period of one week overdue. All claims from the business relationship shall become due immediately if the customer suspends payments or a bankruptcy process is opened, also on a temporary basis.
7. Compensation or the assertion of a lien against amounts owed to GBRANDED is permitted only with undisputed or legally valid claims.

V. Delivery

1. The delivery times specified in the written order confirmation or in the offer are vague and do not represent any agreement of a performance period, unless they are expressly confirmed in writing as "binding delivery" by GBRANDED. Delivery is - even in the latter case - subject to the self-supply.
2. In the event of delivery delays due to force majeure, mandatory interventions, natural disasters, war, riot, strike in its own factories, suppliers or carriers, or due to other events, which cannot be influenced by GBRANDED, GBRANDED is entitled to deliver after elimination of the objection.
3. Either party may withdraw from the contract in whole or in part if any of the foregoing events causes a delivery delay of more than 3 months beyond the agreed deadline. Further claims of the parties are excluded.
4. GBRANDED is entitled to partial deliveries, if they are reasonable for the customer.

VI. Delivery and transfer of risk

1. Shipping is in the name and on behalf of the customer to the current prices of the shipping company or the carrier. The choice of transport and the route is at the reasonable discretion of GBRANDED.
2. The risk of accidental loss or accidental deterioration of the goods during shipping to the customer is on the customer from the moment of dispatch even if there are partial deliveries or if GBRANDED provides services, such as shipping and transportation. At customer's request and at their own cost the shipment is insured by GBRANDED against theft, breakage, transport, fire and water damage, and other insurable risks.
3. If delivery is delayed due to circumstances for which the customer is responsible, the risk shall be on the customer from the date of readiness for shipment, but GBRANDED is obliged to insure the goods, at the request and expense of the customer.
4. If the purchased item is picked up by the customer, the risk passes to them once GBRANDED receives pickup notification, at the latest when the purchased item leaves the warehouse of GBRANDED.
5. Delivered items must be accepted by the customer without prejudice to his rights for protection against material defects.

VII. Retention of title

1. GBRANDED retains ownership of the purchased goods until receipt of all payments under the Purchase Agreement.
2. GBRANDED is entitled to insure the purchased item during the retention of title at the customer's expense against theft, breakage, fire, water and other damages, unless the customer has completed the self-insurance form.

3. The customer may not pledge the delivery item nor offer it as security. In the event of attachment, confiscation or other dispositions by third parties GBRANDED must be notified immediately.
4. By default GBRANDED is entitled for redemption of the subject matter to prior notice and the customer is obliged to surrender even if GBRANDED did not withdraw from the contract. The seizure of the goods delivered by GBRANDED does not constitute withdrawal from the contract.
5. The customer may sell GBRANDED-reserved goods as defined in Section 1 only in the ordinary course of business. The claims resulting from the resale or for any other legal reason (insurance, tort) are ceded already by the way of security to GBRANDED by the customer. GBRANDED accepts the assignment. If GBRANDED reserved goods are sold together with other goods, the assignment refers to the purchase price for the value of GBRANDED-reserved goods. The customer will be irrevocably authorized to collect the assigned claims for GBRANDED in their own name.
6. If the estimated value of the collateral and the face value of the receivables exceed the nominal value of receivables from GBRANDED by more than 20%, then the customer is entitled to demand the release of the exceeding collateral. The claims remaining with GBRANDED must be valuable and indisputable.
7. The customer is obliged to maintain for the duration of retention GBRANDED-reserved goods in good condition and perform necessary repairs at his own expense.

VIII. Defect claims

1. For complaints § 377 HGB shall apply, provided that the complaint must be made in writing. After examination of the goods obvious defects to be notified within 8 days, other defects within 8 days of their discovery.
2. Warranty claims are not insignificant deviations from the agreed quality or minor impairment in accordance with the contract, presupposed or habitual use. In case of defects GBRANDED must first be entitled to remedy the defect or to provide a replacement. If the form of remedy selected by GBRANDED fails, the customer is entitled to reduce or cancel the contract.
3. In the case of defects the rights of the customer are limited to one year. The limitation period begins with the delivery of the subject matter. Customer claims arising from the manufacturer's warranties remain unaffected by this. A suspension of the limitation under § 203 BGB is only accepted for negotiations to be carried out by both sides in writing and it applies only to the defect the parties negotiated. The review of an alleged defect from customers through GBRANDED alone does not constitute a negotiation leading to the suspension of the limitation. The refusal to continue negotiations is made informally.
4. The warranty claims do not include the elimination of errors caused by external factors or operational errors. Warranty claims shall also not apply if the customer operation and maintenance instructions are not followed, or GBRANDED or authorized third parties have not intervened in the purchased item or made changes herein.

IX. Damages for defects and other breaches of duty

1. GBRANDED is liable in cases of intent or gross negligence by a representative or employee under the statutory provisions. Moreover GBRANDED is only liable under the Product Liability Act for injury to life, limb or health, or the culpable breach of contract. The claim for damages for breach of fundamental contractual obligations is limited to the contract-typical, foreseeable damage. The liability of GBRANDED is also limited in cases of gross negligence to the typical, foreseeable damage if none of the exceptions mentioned in sentence 2 of this paragraph applies.
2. Liability for damage caused by the purchased item to legal property of the customer (e.g. damage to other property) is completely excluded, unless a liability because of intent or gross negligence is given or due to injury to life, limb or damage to health.
3. The provisions of the preceding paragraphs 1 and 2 shall cover damages in addition to performance and damages in lieu of performance, regardless of the legal reason, including for defects, breach of obligations under the contractual or tortious act. They also apply to the claim for reimbursement of expenses. The liability for delay, however, by condition V, the liability for impossibility by condition X of these Terms and Conditions.

X. Impossibility

GBRANDED is liable for impossibility of goods / services in cases of intent or gross negligence by a representative or employee under the statutory provisions. The liability of GBRANDED in cases of gross negligence, however, is limited to the typical foreseeable damage if there is no loss of life, limb or health. Moreover, the liability of GBRANDED due to impossibility of reimbursement for damages and reimbursement of expenses is limited to a total of 30% of the value of goods / services. Further claims of the customer due to the impossibility of delivery / performance shall be excluded if GBRANDED is not liable for wilful misconduct, gross negligence or injury to life, limb or health. The customer's right to withdraw from the contract remains unaffected.

XI. Performance, Jurisdiction, Applicable Law
1. Performance is Gastager Feld 11/83313 Siegsdorf.
2. Jurisdiction for both parties is Traunstein / Bavaria.
3. This is governed by German law to the exclusion of the laws on the international sale of goods.

XII. Other

As far as Terms and Conditions in whole or in part are not part of the contract or become ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In this case, the content of the contract will respect applicable laws.

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Privacy Ploicy according EU-DSGVO

1. Name and contact details of the controller and the company data protection officer this privacy policy applies to data processing by:

Responsible: g branded GmbH, Gastager Feld 11, D-83313 Siegsdorf, Germany; Email: datenschutz@gbranded.com Telephone: +49 (0) 8662 20026-0; Fax: +49 (0) 8662 20026-31. The company data protection officer of g branded GmbH can be contacted at datenschutz@gbranded.com.

2. Collection and storage of personal data as well as the nature and purpose of their use

a) When visiting the website
When you visit our website www.gbranded.com, the browser used on your device automatically sends information to the server of our website. This information is temporarily stored in a so-called log file. The following information will be collected without your intervention and stored until automated deletion:
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• the browser used and, if applicable, the operating system of your computer as well as the name of your access provider.

The data mentioned are processed by us for the following purposes:
• ensuring a smooth connection of the website,
• ensuring comfortable use of our website,
• Evaluation of system security and stability as well
• for further administrative purposes.
The legal basis for data processing is Art. 6 para. 1 p. 1 lit. f DSGVO. Our legitimate interest follows from the data collection purposes listed above. In no case we use the collected data for the purpose of drawing conclusions about you. In addition, we use cookies and analysis services when visiting our website. Further details can be found under no. 4 and 5 of this privacy policy.

3. Disclosure of data

A transfer of your personal data to third parties for purposes other than those listed below does not take place.
We only share your personal information with third parties if:
• You yours according to Art. 6 para. 1 sentence 1 lit. a DSGVO have given express consent to this
• disclosure pursuant to Art. 6 para. 1 sentence 1 lit. f DSGVO is required to assert, exercise or defend legal claims and there is no reason to assume that you have a predominantly legitimate interest in not disclosing your data,
• in the event that disclosure pursuant to Art. 6 para. 1 sentence 1 lit. c DSGVO is a legal obligation, as well
• this is legally permissible and according to Art. 6 para. 1 sentence 1 lit. b DSGVO is required for the settlement of contractual relationships with you.

4. Cookies

We use cookies on our site. These are small files that your browser automatically creates and that are stored on your device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) when you visit our site. Cookies do not harm your device, do not contain viruses, Trojans or other malicious software.
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You can prevent the installation of cookies by setting the browser software accordingly; however, we point out that in this case not all features of this website may be fully exploited.
You can also prevent the collection of data generated by the cookie and related to your use of the website (including your IP address) and the processing of this data by Google by downloading and installing a browser add-on (https: //tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=de). As an alternative to the browser add-on, especially for browsers on mobile devices, you can prevent the collection by Google Analytics by clicking on this link. An opt-out cookie will be set that will prevent the future collection of your data when you visit this website. The opt-out cookie is only valid in this browser and only for our website and is stored on your device. If you delete the cookies in this browser, you must set the opt-out cookie again.
For more information about privacy related to Google Analytics, see the Google Analytics Help Center (https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245?hl=en).

6. Social Media Plug-ins

We rely on our website on the basis of Art. 6 para. 1 sentence 1 lit. f DSGVO social plug-ins from the social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to make our company better known. The underlying commercial purpose is to be regarded as a legitimate interest within the meaning of the GDPR. Responsibility for the operation compliant with data protection is to be guaranteed by their respective providers. The integration of these plug-ins by us is done by means of the so-called two-click method to protect visitors to our website in the best possible way.
a) Facebook
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If you visit a page of our website that contains such a plugin, your browser establishes a direct connection to the Facebook servers. The content of the plugin is transmitted by Facebook directly to your browser and incorporated by him into the website. By integrating the plugins, Facebook receives the information that your browser has accessed the corresponding page of our website, even if you do not have a Facebook account or are currently not logged in to Facebook. This information (including your IP address) is transmitted from your browser directly to a Facebook server in the US and stored there. If you are logged in to Facebook, Facebook can assign the visit to our website directly to your Facebook account. If you interact with the plugins, for example by pressing the "LIKE" or "SHARE" button, the corresponding information is also transmitted directly to a Facebook server and stored there. The information will also be posted on Facebook and displayed to your Facebook friends. Facebook may use this information for the purpose of advertising, market research and tailor-made Facebook pages. For this purpose, Facebook uses user, interest and relationship profiles, eg. For example, to evaluate your use of our website in relation to the advertisements displayed on Facebook, to inform other Facebook users about your activities on our website, and to provide other services related to the use of Facebook.
If you do not want Facebook to assign the data collected via our website to your Facebook account, you must log out of Facebook before visiting our website.
The purpose and scope of the data collection and the further processing and use of the data by Facebook, as well as your related rights and settings options for the protection of your privacy, please refer to the privacy policy (https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/) of Facebook.

7. Affected rights

You have the right:
• in accordance with Art. 15 DSGVO, to request information about your personal data processed by us. In particular, you can provide information on the processing purposes, the category of personal data, the categories of recipients to whom your data has been disclosed, the planned retention period, the right to rectification, deletion, limitation of processing or opposition, the existence of a The right to complain, the source of their data, if not collected from us, and the existence of automated decision-making including profiling and, where appropriate, meaningful information about their details;
• in accordance with Art. 16 DSGVO, immediately demand the correction of incorrect or complete personal data stored with us;
• in accordance with Art. 17 DSGVO, to demand the deletion of your personal data stored by us, unless the processing for the exercise of the right to freedom of expression and information, for the fulfillment of a legal obligation, for reasons of public interest or for the assertion, exercise or defense of Legal claims is required;
• to demand the restriction of the processing of your personal data according to Art. 18 GDPR, as far as the accuracy of the data is disputed by you, the processing is unlawful, but you reject its deletion and we no longer need the data, but you assert this, Exercise or defense of legal claims or you have objected to the processing in accordance with Art. 21 GDPR;
• in accordance with Art. 20 DSGVO, to receive your personal data provided to us in a structured, standard and machine-readable format or to request transmission to another person responsible;
• according to Art. 7 para. 3 DSGVO, to revoke your once given consent to us at any time. As a result, we are not allowed to continue the data processing based on this consent for the future and
• to complain to a supervisory authority pursuant to Art. 77 DSGVO. As a rule, you can contact the supervisory authority of your usual place of residence or work or our company headquarters.

8. Right of objection

If your personal data are based on legitimate interests in accordance with Art. 6 para. 1 sentence 1 lit. f DSGVO are processed, you have the right to file an objection against the processing of your personal data in accordance with Art. 21 DSGVO, provided that there are reasons for this arising from your particular situation or the objection is directed against direct mail. In the latter case, you have a general right of objection, which is implemented by us without specifying any particular situation. If you would like to exercise your right of revocation or objection, please send an e-mail to datenschutz@gbranded.com

9. Data security

We use the popular SSL (Secure Socket Layer) method within the site visit, in conjunction with the highest level of encryption supported by your browser. In general, this is a 256-bit encryption. If your browser does not support 256-bit encryption, we'll use 128-bit v3 technology instead. Whether a single page of our website is encrypted is shown by the closed representation of the key or lock icon in the lower status bar of your browser.
We also take appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect your data against accidental or intentional manipulation, partial or total loss, destruction or against unauthorized access by third parties. Our security measures are continuously improved in line with technological developments.

10. Updating and changing this privacy policy

This privacy policy is currently valid and has the status of May 22, 2018.
As a result of the further development of our website and offers thereof or due to changed legal or official requirements, it may be necessary to change this privacy policy. The current privacy policy can be viewed and printed at any time on the website at https://www.gbranded.com/datenschutz.

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